Group Management

The company has seen tremendous growth in product depth, regional breadth and in revenue. With offices in four countries and at multiple facilities, the Indus Group continues to plan its future expansion into new markets that are prime to benefit from the company’s proven formula for success.

The Group Management team:

  • Mr. Syed Sajjad Mehdi
  • Chairman and CEO
  • Founder and CEO of Indus Group of Companies

  • Mr. Syed Mohammed Ali
  • Executive Vice President / Director
  • Mr. Ali have 18 years of experience in construction, manufacturing, development and international marketing. He has board industry experience having held senior management position with the variety of global organization.

  • Mr. Syed Ashraf Ali
  • Director
  • Mr. Ashraf has extensive experience in construction industry and management. He is in charge of Group strategy. He oversee purchasing human resources and information technology.

  • Mr. Agha Askary
  • VP Finance
  • Mr. Agha has 20 years’ experience in the field of finance and corporate management.

  • Mr. Nawaz Khan
  • Business Development Manager
  • Mr. Nawaz has 25 years’ experience of sales and marketing of group. He manages engineering, transportation and trading divisions of Indus Group.